Staff Relief

Staff relief is an individual who fills in when someone calls from a skilled nursing facility, independent living center, clinic or hospital and needs a qualified healthcare professional on a short-term or long-term assignment. HMP Nursing Services, Inc. offers dependable and reliable nursing services to medical facilities and long term nursing facilities throughout south Mississippi. Our management team guarantees to be accessible to your needs at all times. We are committed to hiring nurses based upon their professionalism and dependability, along with excellent medical skills.

We have strict internal protocols covering everything from documentation to education. Our nurse credentialing process includes:


• Current MS Nursing License in good standing
• Proof of a Negative TB Skin Test/Chest x-ray
• Hepatitis Series or Release
• Two Satisfactory References from previous or current employers
• Criminal Records Check through the MSDH
• Drug Testing
• Med Pass Competency Test


We believe communication is the most important factor of client satisfaction. that’s why our management staff will always be “only a phone call away.” We can be reached anytime of the day or night. For more information call (601) 271-6004 or 1-800-796-1197