Private Duty Nursing

Peace of Mind

We offer peace of mind. Confidence that each patient and family will be afforded superior service; that every treatment will be administered to the very highest standards of medical and personal care. If you would like more information regarding HMP community and home based professional services, please call us at (601) 271-6004 or 1-800-796-1197.

Community and Home-based Services

HMP is sensitive to the value of warm, personal care for each patient. We exist to improve the quality of people’s lives in our community, with particular emphasis on the needs of those facing a change in life style due to disease, disability, infirmity or advanced age. Causes for each home based situation can vary.


• An accident results in partial disability
• A baby needs special respiratory care
• An aging parent can no longer handle activity of daily living
• A spouse suffers a stroke
• A reprieve for the nurturing family


Experienced Reimbursement Assistance

The details involved in obtaining third party funds are familiar to us. We can do all the legwork and paperwork. Our experience helps guarantee that each patient receives the greatest possible reimbursement in the shortest possible time. A health care specialist is available to offer assistance on appropriate services and financial arrangements. We provide the prospective patient with a free assessment, including an explanation of all benefits to which the patient is entitled.